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Our company provides development, implementation and operation of advanced technological solutions.
Among the projects being implemented are industrial filtration systems for liquids, structured water devices, Ultraviolet bacteria disinfectant lamps,desalination plants and liquid separators. 
Our company is known Worldwide for our know-how of manufacturing and sale of water filters for a new generation of string-membrane type. The production of filters for water purification of the our FS water filter series is based in Moscow. One of the company's priority tasks is a comprehensive solution to improve the quality of water supply to the population of cities and industrial enterprises, settlements. To accomplish this task, we are increasing the production of industrial filters with a capacity of 1 to 500 m3 per hour. The office, manufacturing plant and warehouse of our company is located in Moscow. 
Within the framework of the SERUS projects, we provide service and guarantee support for design solutions. We provide author's supervision of decisions within 1 year from the moment of the project launch into commercial operation. All the main materials for manufacturing our products are manufactured in Russia. 
Our products and raw materials for manufacuring of our company meet world-class requirements.


Akademika Koroleva street 13/1, 129515,Moscow, Russia


Phone: +7-977-807-0973