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For Household Use's

Magnetized Structured Water with Nano Silver provides a wide range of benefits for Industries.

Cheaper Method

Water is softened also with the help of reverse osmosis membrane filters, conducting its deep desalination.
However, this method is less common because of the high cost of reverse-osmosis installations and the limited resource of their operation.
Magnetic treatment of water is devoid of the above disadvantages and is effective in the treatment of calcium-carbonate waters.

Reduces Scale forming Salts

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The fields of application of magnetic water treatment in heat power engineering cover steam boilers, heat exchangers, boilers, compressor equipment, engine and generator cooling systems, steam generators, hot and cold water supply networks, centralised heating systems, pipelines and other heat exchange equipment.

Inline Self Cleaning Technology

Minimise costs in municipal water treatment, sewage water treatment, manufacturing factories with inline self cleaning high flow water filters that dont require to change any filter cartridges for 10 years!


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